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Epidemiology and outcomes of acute PE

This large multi-site registry of patients with acute PE, the rate of PE-attributable death was very low (1% overall), most of which occurred in patients who were not anticoagulated while awaiting a diagnostic study. In patients with a high pre-test probability, anticoagulation should be started while awaiting diagnostic testing (abstract)

Readmit rates for stroke

In this large database analysis from Taiwan, readmit rates for stroke were 10% at 30 days, 17% at 90 days, and 36% at 1 year. The most common reasons were infections, recurrent stroke, and cardiovascular event. Hospital utilization post-stroke is high, and patients / families should be counseled about post-stroke complications (abstract)

Sterile gloves for blood cultures

In this large trial, interns were randomized to routine or optional sterile gloves for drawing blood cultures. The rate of possible contamination was significantly lower in the group randomized to routine sterile cultures (0.6% vs 1.1%), which should be considered standard practice based on this trial (abstract)

Fear and Change – they don’t always bring out our best qualities, but they give us a chance to re-evaluate ourselves

Change is inevitable, change is necessary, change is often for the good; but change is hard.  Even getting married to our life-partner is considered one of the top ten most stressful life events. I have hesitated posting in this blog for some time because of all of the changes going on in my hospital – I was waiting for things to settle down.  But, since the settling may take a while, I’ve decided to write about those these changes. (more…)

Mortality of candida bloodstream infections

In this large prospective single center cohort of >500 candida blood stream infections, over half were non-candida albicans species (52%), and overall 30 day mortality was 32%; the lowest mortality was in parapsilosis species and the highest mortality was in krusei species (abstract)