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Wisdom or Folly? Others or ME?

The scary things we do could teach us a thing or two. It’s been a tough week… month… quarter.  Well, it hasn’t been easy lately.  I’ve seen people and families shaken to their core, but that’s common at work. No big deal.  I can handle it… until I find myself shaken, scared, broken, crying, and finally praying about the terrible things that are happening all around me.  Why does it take us so long to admit how frail we really are?  How much do we have to go through to admit that we are fallible, that we seek the easy lie rather than the hard truth? (more…)

Skin In the Game, Medicare Addition

Some of you might have caught this ad campaign recently launched by the AMA: (more…)

Xigris removed from market

Xigris has been voluntarily removed from the market, as a randomized controlled trial failed to show a mortality benefit in those with sepsis/shock (FDA site)

CV risk factors for mortality in non-cardiac surgery

In this large population-based cohort of >30,000 patients who underwent non-cardiac surgery, CHF and atrial fibrillation conferred twice the odds of 30 day mortality compared to CAD. CAD currently confers great emphasis in pre-operative screening and evaluation, whereas atrial fibrillation and CHF should warrant closer pre and peri-operative evaluations (abstract)

ICU CLA-BSI rates declining

According to the CDC, ICU CLA-BSI rates declined 58% from 2001 to 2009. This is a substantial improvement in a very short period of time. However, the rate of decline has been less impressive in non-ICU wards and outpatient hemodialysis centers so there is certainly plenty more improvements to be made (abstract)