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Lower Salary Equals Higher Pay… Really?

Last month, we dug through a sample set of Hospitalist Compensation and Productivity data.  That column excited two people, maybe three, to get out a slide rule and some actuarial tables for the sheer joy of the experience!  Meanwhile, my partners insist that everyone else had to grab a drink and find something better to do with their time. OK, point taken!  But, I’d like to hit on some information that even non-numbers nerds found intriguing in the SHM-MGMA Survey this year.  That information is the correlation between lower base salary and higher overall productivity for hospitalists.  See the graph below. (more…)

IHI REVIEW-4 STARS (if you’re a hospitalist)

Last week I attended the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Annual Forum in Orlando. The turnout was estimated at close to 6000. However, this was the first year without Don Berwick at the helm. Even though absent, his message was ubiquitous. I want to share one take home point from the meeting: WE ARE EVERYWHERE AND PART OF EVERYTHING. (more…)

Higher pay on weekends?

The hospitalist group for which I serve as medical director just voted to decrease weekday compensation and increase weekend and holiday compensation.  This will be budget neutral; that is the total compensation paid across all doctors over a year will be the unchanged, but those who work more weekends will earn more salary than those who work fewer. This issue doesn’t come up for many practices, such as (more…)

In Response to a Colleague’s Question…

Q:Dear Colleagues, We are starting a new hospitalist service (non teaching) in an academic institution. Currently we have a system that mandates ED physician to call hospitalist (non teaching) for all inpatient admissions. Then hospitalist will decide whether patient needs to be admitted or not. If needs admission, he needs to decide whether it is for teaching and non teaching. All the non teaching admissions will go for hospitalist service. If it is a teaching admission he needs to call the resident for the admissions. I am curious about thoughts. Is it going to be sustainable for long time without hospitalist being burn out quickly and treated as a second grade academician? I am also curious how to integrate the non teaching service with teaching service. (more…)

Hospitalist Quizomercial – “Make more money! Here’s how…”

Provided below are a few compensation and productivity tables.  The data is fictitious to protect the hard work of our colleagues from those of you who are, shall we say, obsessively frugal.  Yet, it resembles the most recent MGMA-SHM Hospitalist Survey fairly closely.  Here we go… 1)      Which of the following groups most closely resembles your current compensation calculated using the formula: Compensation = Salary + Bonuses + Retirement Plan? 2)      Which of the following groups would you like to represent your compensation and productivity? 3)      Which of the following groups does your employer currently want you to emulate? 4)      Which of the following groups should your employer seek to have you emulate? (more…)