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Observation units and who $aves

This week, JAMA IM released a nice study profiling patients on observation status for the years 2010-11.  While only involving one site, the large sample and thorough accounting of data enhances our knowledge of the growing obs trend. (more…)

Readmissions on PBS Newshour

  A nice long form feature on the Medicare Readmissions Program on the NewsHour this evening:                                         Click here to watch the video, and here to read an excellent extended PBS interview with Jordan Rau from Kaiser Health News.  The PACT program at Beth Israel Deaconess gets a nod. The money quote: "Sometimes people are like cars.  At 200K miles, nothing you do will keep them out of the shop."

Feed Me Good!

  A story in Kaiser Health News Caught my eye this AM:                                             I could not resist citing a quote like this: Behind the scenes, UNC has installed a sous-vide cooking system, often used in fine restaurants, which cooks food in airtight plastic submerged in water baths to ensure food are cooked to the exact temperature. The system speeds delivery service since food is partly cooked and chefs can finish it on a grill after an order is placed.   Or this: "It’s been a game changer for us," said Angelo Mojica, director of food and nutrition services at UNC. He said patient satisfaction scores, which he tracks every day on a television monitor in the kitchen, have soared to 99 percentile. He parses those ratings by hospital floor and…

Trends come in threes

All things come in threes, or so they say. In my time in practice, I have cared for many undocumented adults. Usually Latino, young, and male, their issues reduce into two categories: injuries related to work (construction and food service) and uncontrolled flares of chronic conditions (diabetes and asthma). Occasionally, I also care for desperate folks in need of dialysis, transplants, or continued mechanical ventilation. Difficulty understates the latter category. (more…)

An average hospital is…..?

A quick post on something we do not think about often. We look at the world through our own professional lens.  If you toil at a big urban hospital, your sphere of interest encompasses GME, training, research, and safety net care.  Conversely, if you work at a small, rural hospital, you concentrate on ER and ward coverage, adequacy of services, and connectivity to neighboring facilities and unavailable technology. (more…)