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Trach weaning modalities

In this trial of trach patients weaning from the ventilator, they were randomized to weaning via pressure support, or by unassisted breathing through the trach. Those randomized to unassisted breathing weaned much earlier than the pressure support group (15 versus 19 days) with no difference in mortality between the groups (abstract).

Modern day impact of smoking cessation

This large cohort found for those age 25-79, current smoking increased the risk of death from any cause by 3 times, compared to nonsmokers, and reduced life expectancy by 10 years, compared to nonsmokers. These modern day statistics are sobering and should be used to enhance smoking cessation advice for all smoking patients (abstract).

Oscillator more harm than good for ARDS

In this large randomized trial of patients with ARDS, who were randomized to traditional ventilation with low volumes and high PEEP or high frequency oscillator ventilation (HFOV), the trial was stopped early due to higher mortality in the HFOV group. This ventilatory support can not be recommended for patients with ARDS (abstract)

Readmits patterns for AMI, CHF, and PNA

In this large cohort of Medicare fee-for-service patients, 3o days readmits for CHF, AMI, and PNA were 25%, 20%, and 18%, respectively; the readmission was related to the same condition in 35%, 10% and 22% respectively for the 3 conditions, and ~2/3 of the readmissions occurred in the first 15 days. This further characterizes the risk and patterns of readmissions for patients with CHF, AMI, and PNA (abstract).