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A Last Story Between Strangers

A few months ago I had another one of those amazing experiences that makes me feel so lucky to be a doctor.  These don't come every week or every month but they do come, and they are life-affirming. (more…)


OK, I said I was going to do it weeks ago, but I didn't. Because I was procrastinating. But I just finished the SHM state of Hospital Medicine Survey, and it really wasn't bad at all. It was even fun. I printed it out and sat with my practice manager and we filled out everything on paper first and then it took me ten minutes to type it into the electronic survey. We had a very enjoyable time working on it. YOU DO IT TOO!!!! Think about how grateful your colleagues will be to get your information and how you can use it yourself! Here are the instructions again - Survey Instructions This survey will be available for completion between January 16, 2012 and March 9, 2012. To assist you in planning for and completing the survey, we have provided a survey FAQ document, a detailed Survey Guide, and a…

Knowledge is Power

With the financial pressures hospitals are facing due to decreases in health care compensation, the RAC, etc,  and the changes in healthcare architecture coming with ACOs, there will continued pressure on hospitalist programs to cut costs and decrease staffing while improving our quality of care.  I truly believe we need all the information we can get to know where we stand as hospitalists and to help us plan for what's to come. We need this so we can best serve the institutions where we work and the hospitalists we work with.  The SHM and MGMA surveys on hospital medicine are out and we need to fill them in.  Here is how:  (more…)

Let’s elect John Nelson as President of the United States

OK, Im not trying to kiss any SHM [email protected]@ and I really would like Obama to have another four years, but after listening to John talk in Texas about a "culture of ownership" I wonder what it would be like if we could embrace that on a national level.  Honestly what is more important in running any organization/family/country than that? Can one of our candidates please add this to their platform? (more…)

Last Day and one more Gem

Found this at the bottom of my "in-box", also from the Levinson Institute, things to remember that help us connect to the people we work with: The Universal Sources Of Stress 1. We all feel inadequate - the self image never meets up to the ego ideal 2. We all age - and with aging comes increasing rigidity 3. The Unconscious Conspiracy - throwing resources at a problem doesn't fix it 4. The World of Expanding Complexities 5. Isolation - DONT BE ISOLATED , maintain connections 6. Stand on your Values - your values are your anchors, not your behaviors 7. Pair Up those last two aren't sources of stress, I don't know how they got on the list, but I like them.