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Things to take with me – 8 Principles + 2

I'm cleaning out my office and I found some gems. Three years ago someone came to my hospital to speak from The Osler Institute in Indiana.  (  I took notes and have had them over my desk ever since.  Osler's principles are a blueprint on how to live.  They are for everyone, not just physicians or  leaders.  I'm excited to take these with me and I thought I would share them here. The 8 Principles of William Osler 1. Find Mentors - have heroes (but expect disappointment), show gratitude, cultivate teachers, take on pupils, know the chemistry. (more…)

Culture of Fear Quote of the Month

I can't help myself.  Here is my favorite all-telling quote of the month which I heard at a recent meeting: "If she doesn't trust me enough, maybe we should fire her"    The AMA sent out a recent survey on physician job satisfaction.  I was impressed and heartened by the questions it asked.  Things like do you feel free to speak up? can you be the same person in all of your meetings?  Being unable to name your fears, tell your truth,  or comment on something wrong for fear of getting fired is detrimental to the whole organization and poisons the entire atmoshphere.

Fear and Change Update – endings, new beginings

I handed in my resignation.  Change! Loss!  I will miss the radiologists, the nurses, the cardiologists, nephrologists, neurologists, the women who work in the cafeteria, the maintenance guys, the women who clean the floors, the IT guys, the residents, my beloved secretary, and my wonderful hospitalist docs.   (more…)

Hospitalist Program Shopping

  A Useful Information Tool A handsome young man with a real medical disease, but also a personality disorder, no PMD,  and substance abuse, travels from hospital to hospital complaining of symptoms and asking for pain meds.  (more…)

Fear and Change Update – it’s freezing in here

So, I hesitated writing yet again, as we are in a frozen state of instability.  We are at the end of our second stage of transition, about to enter our third.  Our temporary CEO has less than three months left;  our new CEO starts July 1st, and that necessitates another period of waiting as she assesses the lay of the land. (more…)