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Fear and Change Update – layoffs and loss of control

New and energetic CEO + hospital over budget = FTE cuts. The first round of cuts is done. We came in on a Tuesday to find several non-MD staff members gone.  There was an interesting response amongst those remaining; (more…)

Fear and Change – they don’t always bring out our best qualities, but they give us a chance to re-evaluate ourselves

Change is inevitable, change is necessary, change is often for the good; but change is hard.  Even getting married to our life-partner is considered one of the top ten most stressful life events. I have hesitated posting in this blog for some time because of all of the changes going on in my hospital – I was waiting for things to settle down.  But, since the settling may take a while, I’ve decided to write about those these changes. (more…)

MDR Every Day Keeps No Doctors Away

This is my first post on this blog and I'm very happy to be contributing to it with this illustrious group of docs.  Thanks Leslie!  At my hospital we have set up mandatory multidisciplinary rounds where we run through every single hospitalist and teaching patient on every floor every day.  We have found that the time slot from 10-11am works well with the teams' rounding and morning report. A seasoned doctor can present all the pertinent information within 30 to 60 seconds.  In addition to getting appropriate feedback from case management, OT, PT, Social Work and Nursing; this allows me to keep daily contact with all the residents on service and all the day-time hospitalists.  It allows the group to feel cohesive and part of the same team, get to know each other better, provides opportunities to address critical policy changes, new coding requirements, review admission vs obs criteria, learn occasional…