Management practices affect patient outcomes

In this large cohort of hospitals, researchers assessed the association between management practices (standardizing care, tracking key performance indicators, setting targets, and incentivizing employees) and process and outcome measures in patients with AMI. They found a significant correlation between high performance in these management practices and performance in process measures and mortality (but not with readmissions) (abstract).

Spironolactone in diastolic dysfunction

This randomized trial found in patients with Stage 2-3 diastolic dysfunction, spironolactone improved diastolic dysfunction, but had no effect on symptoms, exercise capacity, or quality of life; and it was associated higher potassium levels and lower GFR. The current weight of the evidence does not support the use of spironolactone in diastolic dysfunction (abstract).

Any beta blocker for systolic CHF will do

This large meta-analysis found a significant mortality benefit for all beta blockers in patients with systolic CHF, with no significant differences between the different types, indicating any beta blocker will do (abstract).