Ethics (clinical and business)

Wisdom or Folly? Others or ME?

The scary things we do could teach us a thing or two. It’s been a tough week… month… quarter.  Well, it hasn’t been easy lately.  I’ve seen people and families shaken to their core, but that’s common at work. No big deal.  I can handle it… until I find myself shaken, scared, broken, crying, and finally praying about the terrible things that are happening all around me.  Why does it take us so long to admit how frail we really are?  How much do we have to go through to admit that we are fallible, that we seek the easy lie rather than the hard truth? (more…)

Doctor Nurse or Doctor Doctor

In New York State, the issue of scope of practice is at the fore.  Mainly, what activities can non-physicians (NP's) engage in, with or without physician supervision?  It is a heated subject here where I reside, but not the one I will address below. (more…)

What Debt Ceiling?

Want to know why the underserved or those without a voice or coherent, unified voting block get screwed? Want to see what happens when powerful interest groups are threatened? Want to know why our political system will not respond to need, but to muscle? (more…)

? Abort this Tort and the Press is a Mess!

If this post were solely about bad reporting, the linked story would keep a journalism class busy for a week.  An incomplete narrative, with hearsay, and little illumination for the lay reader on standard hospital physician interaction make for compelling reading…if you enjoy fiction. (more…)

AMA: And The Verdict Is…

Following up Mike Radienza’s post, I wished to register some comments of my own. While I interpreted the Tennessee reference a bit differently, Mike and I agree on the impact of the address, mainly, it fell a bit flat. (more…)