NSAIDs reduce post-ERCP pancreatitis

This large systematic review found rectal NSAIDs significantly reduced the risk of post-ERCP pancreatitis compared to pancreatic duct stents (abstract).

Drug induced liver injury

This large population-based cohort found the most common causes of drug induced liver injury to be augmentin and diclofenac, followed by herbal and nutritional supplements (abstract).

Early TPN in ICU patients

This large trial of patients with a relative contraindication for enteral feeds were randomized to early TPN or usual care. There were no differences in the groups in 60 day mortality or LOS, but those on TPN did have a shorter time ventilated and less muscle/fat loss. It is unclear based on this trial if the benefits of early TPN outweigh the risks (abstract)

Guidelines for the management of ascites

The American Association for the Study of Liver Disease has released guidelines on the management of ascites. Among the recommendations, some include: use caution when prescribing agents that lower arterial blood pressure (such as ACE/ARBs), avoid the vaptan drugs, and use quinolines to prevent SBP only when necessary (to avoid resistant organisms). The full guidelines can be found here (guidelines).