HM13 – Annual Meeting

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Dr. Howell’s Quest

Who remembers this? That is 3rd year medical student Lesley Sutherland from the University of Maryland on stage at HM13 last May in Washington, DC being inducted into SHM by Eric Howell, SHM President (and Lesley's brother).  If you recall, just prior to calling Lesley to the stage, Dr Howell told us what he wanted to see in the next year of his presidency more efforts at attracting students and residents to the rolls of SHM.  His goal was to try and reach 1000 total learner members by HM 2014 in Las Vegas, effectively doubling the current representation. His goal was even more audacious because HM 14 was only 10 months away! I was curious as to how his quest was going, so I called him up and here is what I learned. Well to start off the numbers are looking good.  With 9 months since the challenge, we are…