Peramivir effective for influenza

Peramivir was FDA approved last influenza season for emergency use with severe H1N1 infections. In this randomized trial, patients with influenza who received peramivir had significantly shorter symptom duration than those on placebo, with adverse event rates similar to placebo. Peramivir appears to be effective in reducing duration of symptoms, and well tolerated (abstract).

Heading toward flu season…

The CDC has announced an expected 160 million doses of influenza vaccine this year, to be available by the end of September. The single vaccine will incorporate all 3 influenza viruses (including the 2009 H1N1) and will be universally recommended to all adult patients and all healthcare workers (CDC website)

H1N1 activity leveling out

In a news briefing, the CDC announced that influenza-like activity has been below the national baseline level for 3 weeks. Vaccination efforts should still vigorously continue, as vaccination availability is plentiful, and disease activity is still present (CDC briefing)

H1N1 email scam

The CDC has posted a warning of a fraudulent email scam, prompting receivers to click on a link for a fictitious state-sponsored H1N1 vaccination effort. The link allows a malicious code to be installed. A copy of the email is posted (CDC site). Recipients should delete the email without clicking on the link.

CDC H1N1 Treatment “Quick Facts”

The CDC has posted an H1N1 Treatment "quick facts" sheet, which is a handy resource for providers to stay current on when and how to treat patients with suspected or confirmed H1N1 (quick facts sheet)