Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine: Reflections on Procrastination and the Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment Module

The great procrastinator. That’s what I call myself sometimes. I last re-certified for the ABIM board certificate in 2005. That was under the old system of every ten year renewals (but not the really old system of never having to renew). At the time one needed 100 total points and to pass the general internal medicine test. I waited until the last calendar year and then within a few months in early 2005, I did a patient survey module one week while on service, handing out patient surveys to every patient I saw, and then went to a Wake Forest MOC course where I completed four modules within 4 days. Boom, all my points done with only the test standing in my way. I put in a few months of brushing up on outpatient medicine with Med-Study study guides (which I highly recommend, no conflict of interest here, I paid…