Hospital Safety Score–Leapfrog Style

A new site and hospital grading system went up yesterday, developed by The Leapfrog Group.  It combines both HHS and Leapfrog metrics to produce a letter grade, and was vetted by objective national quality experts (which does not make it ideal of course).  Your hospital is almost certainly in the database.  Take a look here. (more…)

Observation Units: Its About the Patients

Recall your last credit card statement.  On it is the hotel charge from your last out of town CME excursion.  Below the total charge you were expecting, is a separate line item for a $75 "recreational fee."  You call the hotel, and they inform you that because of your use of the gym and pool—accessed with your room key—they levied the fee.  No signs, alerts, or postings to denote policy, and you innocently expected inclusive use of the facilities as a price of your visit. (more…)

Observation Units. All Good. Right?

Would you like to read about some good policy, but bad execution?  Browse on. On the physician side of the ledger, we trust that observation units, i.e., geographic weigh stations to determine fitness of admission or discharge, are a good thing.  Earlier discharge, focused resource use, possibly less exposure to hospital badness—all winning strategies to improve efficiency.  What is the problem then?  From todays WSJ: (more…)