Interventions to reduce readmissions

This comprehensive systematic review found that no single intervention implemented alone was associated with a reduction in 30 day readmission rates. Like many published QI interventions, most programs have implemented "bundles" of interventions, making the "special sauce" to reducing readmissions continually elusive (abstract)

Readmission models all perform poorly

The comprehensive systematic review did not found any models currently available that robustly predicted readmission rates. These disappointing findings highlight the need for further research to define and mediate risk factors for readmissions (abstract)

Joint commission accredited hospitals have higher quality scores

In this large analysis of US acute care hospitals, those with joint commission accreditation had higher baseline performance and higher gains over time, in publicly reported quality measures. Joint commission accreditation likely produces higher and quicker gains in quality measures (abstract)

Baclofen reduces BZD dose in alcohol withdrawal

In this small randomized trial, patients with alcohol withdrawal randomized to baclofen (10mg tid) were less likely to require high doses of BZD than those randomized to placebo. Oral baclofen can safely reduce BZD need in alcohol withdrawal patients able to take oral meds (abstract).

ICU to ward hand-offs

This single center study found that, although mean ratings of satisfaction with communication was ~8/10 for providers and patients, only 26% of receiving providers got verbal handoffs, and 60% had a written transfer summary available. Of the 121 patient transfers, 2 patients were "lost" for 48 hours without being seen by a providing. ICU to ward handoffs are vitally important, and routinely fumbled (abstract)