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Super Bowl & State of Hospital Medicine

by Dr. William "Tex" Landis, FHM It’s Super Bowl time and that means it's time to complete the State of Hospital Medicine Survey, the biennial survey of hospitalist practices.  Discussions abound about who is the best football quarter back.  Is it Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, or somebody else?  What are the stats?  What does each individual and team do well?  How do they stack up against one another?  How will championship caliber football teams perform?  Who will be the MVP? This time of year, as hospitalists, we should be even more concerned about the performance of our hospital care teams.  The State of Hospital Medicine Survey helps us gather information about the specialty of hospital medicine so that we can compare our performance to other hospitalist groups.  What is the best source of information to help us perform successfully?  While I am not going to come down on…

International grads and what you might not know

Periodically, I love to tell a story of an encounter with an international medical graduate I worked with years ago.  While toiling as a ward attending at our county hospital at the start of another academic year, I had paired up with a newly arrived intern from Egypt.  A jovial guy who had years of practice experience under his belt, but none here in the U.S., he came to start his training in New York. He had reasonable clinical chops, but due to his short time in America, he lacked, shall we say, U.S. cultural competency.  He did not understand the nuance of our country's open-minded ways—and by open-minded, I don’t mean the red versus blue type. The vignette of our patient seemed simple: a middle-aged female with cellulitis of the lower extremity.  We discussed the case before entering the room, and I told my charge to go to it…

An average hospital is…..?

A quick post on something we do not think about often. We look at the world through our own professional lens.  If you toil at a big urban hospital, your sphere of interest encompasses GME, training, research, and safety net care.  Conversely, if you work at a small, rural hospital, you concentrate on ER and ward coverage, adequacy of services, and connectivity to neighboring facilities and unavailable technology. (more…)

2011 Hospitalist Salaries and Food For Thought

We have additional 2011 hospitalist salary data out for consideration.  The title of the linked piece, "Has hospitalist pay finally peaked?," asks the right question.  Today's Hospitalist culled the data from 1000 hospitalists from various regions and venues. (more…)