Congratulations, Hospital Medicine 2015 Research, Innovation and Vignette Winners!

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Congratulations to the winners of SHM’s 2015 poster session winners at Hospital Medicine 2015! This year, SHM received a record-breaking number of abstract submissions and selected. To see all of the accepted abstracts at Hospital Medicine 2015, visit


Overall: Standardizing Attending Rounds to Improve the Patient Experience: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Bradley Monash, MD; Nader Najafi, MD; Dimiter Milev, MPH; Marcia Glass, MD; Yile Ding, MD; Alvin R. Rajkomar, MD; Michelle Mourad, MD; Sumant Ranji, MD; Dr. Bradley A. Sharpe, MD and James D Harrison, MPH, PhD

Trainee: Prevalence and Appropriateness of Fasting Orders in the Hospital: “Doctor, When Can I Eat?”
Atsushi Sorita, MD, MPH; Charat Thongprayoon, MD; Adil Ahmed, MD; Ruth E. Bates, MD; John T. Ratelle, MD; Katie M. Rieck, MD; Aditya P. Devalapalli, MD; Meltiady Issa, MD; Riddhi M. Shah, MD; Miguel A. Lalama, MD; Wang Zeng, PhD; M. Hassan Murad, MD, MPH and Deanne T. Kashiwagi, MD


Overall: Developing Frontline Teams to Drive Health System Transformation

Jeffrey J. Glasheen, MD; Ethan Cumbler, MD; Patrick P. Kneeland, MD; Jennifer L. Wiler, MD, MBA; Daniel Hyman, MD; Gail Armstrong, DNP, PhD(c), ACNS-BC, CNE; Sarah J. Caffrey, MBA1; Zachary Robison, MBA; Bryan Gomez, BA; Molly Lane, BS; Michelle Rove, BS; Heather J. Bennett, MS, MBA and Read G. Pierce, MD

Trainee Award: Enhancing Patient Engagement in Stroke Care: Developing Patient Centered Tools

David Medrano; Megan Ross, MPH; Stephen Groves, MBA; Melanie Muszelik; Madeline Rovira; Rachel de Andrade Pereira, MS; Joseph R Sweigart, MD; Read G. Pierce, MD and Dr. Darlene Tad-y, MD


Overall: Leave No Stone Unturned
Dr. John Stephens, MD and Davis Viprakasit, MD

Trainee: Discharge Against Medical Advice: A Challenge in Patient-Centered Care
Parker Richards Hill, MD and Jennifer Pascoe, MD

Pediatric Hospital Medicine: When a Fever Gets Cross-Eyed

Ana G. Cristancho, MD, PhD and Tara Wedin, MD

Patient Experience

Building a Patient Centered Hospitalist Culture

Suparna Dutta, MD MPH; Francis Fullam, MA; Jisu Kim, MD MSc FHM; Jill Wener, MD; Margaret McLaughlin, MD and Amir K Jaffer, MD, MBA

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