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Troy Ahlstrom writes…

The SHM Productivity Survey Closes in a Mere Month.

The MGMA-SHM Hospitalist Productivity and Compensation Survey is ongoing NOW, and data submission closes March 12th.  As you know, SHM has provided the most comprehensive data set and incisive analysis regarding Hospitalist practice for 10 years now.  We are not the only source of such information, but we have provided the most detailed, comprehensive analysis of Hospitalist practice in the past.

This year, in 2010, with all of the tumult and unrest over budgets, the economy, and healthcare reform, we will all need the best information possible.  As care providers in our nation’s hospitals, we must help everyone involved in healthcare understand how we’re making a difference for individual patients and the healthcare system as a whole.  Such data on the advantages of Hospitalists to improve care for systems and patients alike continues to roll in from all quarters.  Yet, as stewards of precious resources to provide this care, we also need the best data possible on the methods and costs associated with delivering care on the new paradigm that is Hospital Medicine.

MGMA and SHM partnered together to complete this survey for many reasons.  The data will be more widely published and more readily accepted than ever before.  But there’s a crucial step that must occur to put accurate information in the hands of analysts and decision maker.  We, the Hospitalists on the front lines, must provide the data to those who need it!

If you’re in one of the following categories, we desperately need your participation:

  • Multi-state Hospitalist Companies. You’re one of the biggest voices in our industry, and you run on data.  Don’t worry… we’ll blind it and sort it.  Show us the benefits of your model.
  • Hospital Owned/Managed Practices. OK group leaders, your hospital might not know about the survey… Yet!  Please work with your administrators to show us the great work your doing.
  • Academic/Teaching Hospitalists. The oft misunderstood, underfunded, underdogs of hospital medicine.  Your time is so valuable.  Let us see how your groups utilize your energies.
  • Local Hospitalist Groups. Yeah, I know… you do it all on wing and a prayer.  I get it because I have to fill this darned thing out for my group too.  But Locals may be the most under-represented group in the sample.  This will be important for your next contract.  Do it!
  • EVERYONE ELSE. Not enough pediatric, surgical, obstetric, multi-specialty group or some other category of data out there?  Well, there never will be unless we find ways to collect it.  Follow the link below to MGMA-SHM and see how we’ll collect that data.

I know I’m pushing hard.  This is the umpteenth call for your precious time today.  None-the-less, the data we all need to move the country forward toward more sustainable delivery of healthcare resides in your head and on your laptop.  We will all benefit from the definitive, most respected, and most widely accepted survey of Hospitalist productivity and compensation if, AND ONLY IF, we all provide the information to make it happen within the next 28 days.  Don’t wait.  Get started now or at least this week.

Oh, and one more thing, you don’t have to go it alone.  MGMA and SHM will help you complete this task successfully.  Please link over to the SHM survey page to see the benefits and process for participation… and thanks!

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