Important Notice For Email Subscribers To Wachter’s World

Dear Readers:

Later today, Wachter’s World will get a facelift, as we migrate to a new “platform” (don’t ask me what that means but the good folks at Wiley, and your teenage children, will know). This will make the website more stable, give it better graphics, and prevent it from crashing and blocking comments, as it currently does on a bad day.

The blog address will stay the same, and those of you who receive notices of new posts via RSS feeds or my Tweets (can you believe we now say things like ‘I tweeted my blog’?) won’t have to change a thing.

But if you get your notices of new posts via emails, you’ll have to re-subscribe—sorry, there was no way around it. So here’s what you do:

Today, beginning at about noon Eastern time, go to (or click here) and simply enter your email address (note that this page is currently [~9 am Eastern time] not yet live—it’ll spring into action in a few hours).

Of course, we value your privacy. Completing this form does one thing only: opts you in to receive email alerts when I publish a new post. You will not be entered into the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes or the Justin Bieber Fan Club. Just this blog’s email notification list. Dull but true.

Thanks for sticking with me.


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