Last Day and one more Gem

Found this at the bottom of my “in-box”, also from the Levinson Institute, things to remember that help us connect to the people we work with:

The Universal Sources Of Stress

1. We all feel inadequate – the self image never meets up to the ego ideal

2. We all age – and with aging comes increasing rigidity

3. The Unconscious Conspiracy – throwing resources at a problem doesn’t fix it

4. The World of Expanding Complexities

5. Isolation – DONT BE ISOLATED , maintain connections

6. Stand on your Values – your values are your anchors, not your behaviors

7. Pair Up

those last two aren’t sources of stress, I don’t know how they got on the list, but I like them.

Dr. Lovins loves learning about medicine and leadership, sings in a rocking band called the Inflatables and is married to a photographer named Andrew with whom she shares three excellent children and two small dogs.

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