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By Dr. Ken Simone DO, SFHM

Do you have a special interest within hospital medicine? SHM has a group for you!

As hospitalists we have a lot particular interests within our specialty. There are some of us who love academia; others of us love treating children and there are particular nuances of practice associated with academia or pediatrics. For me, as a hospitalist trained in family medicine (HTFM), I am one of more than 1,000 SHM members who have a special need around creating the appropriate infrastructure, identifying the necessary and most useful information in hospital medicine, and more.

SHM provides this sort of specialized space for hospitalists with other interests, too. In the SHM membership structure, these entities are called sections, which correlate to your interests and to different care models. The SHM Sections include:

Family Medicine

Global Health & Human Rights





Practice Administrators


I personally joined several sections because of my diversified interests. As both an HTFM and practice management consultant I find great value in the Family Medicine, Practice Administrator, Rural, and NP/PA sections.

Each of the (above) eight affinity groups or sections also has a community in the Hospital Medicine Exchange (HMX) where you can login and ask questions relevant to you and your colleagues interested in that topic. A full list of communities and sections is on the right-hand side of the HMX homepage. Login and join your colleagues in one or more specialized communities on HMX today!


Simone_Ken_HeadshotKenneth G. Simone, DO, SFHM is board certified in family medicine and a Senior Fellow of Hospital Medicine. He has extensive experience as both an outpatient primary care provider and a hospitalist. In addition to practicing fulltime, Dr. Simone is the founder and President of Hospitalist and Practice Solutions, a national consultation company specializing in hospitalist program development, medical staff assessment and development, and hospitalist program restructuring, redesign, and optimization. He has worked extensively with rural hospitals, community hospitals, major medical centers, and integrated networks. He is the past president of the Medical Staff at St. Joseph hospital, a one hundred-bed community hospital in Bangor Maine. He founded the oldest Hospitalist program in Maine and served as its Administrative Director for ten years. Dr. Simone has authored and co-authored four hospitalist books: Recruitment and Retention; Building a Hospital Medicine Program, Hospitalist Case Studies: Tactics and Strategies for 10 Common Hurdles, Tools and Strategies for an Effective Hospitalist Program and The Hospitalist Program Management Guide, Second Edition, and is cited frequently in hospitalist publications. He serves on both the Family Medicine and Chapter Support Committee of SHM (and is past chair of the Chapter Support Committee). He recently completed a 3-year term on Team Hospitalist. He has been a workshop facilitator and featured speaker on hospitalists at various gatherings across the country.

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