NPR’s Morning Edition Story on Physician Blogging and Patient Privacy

Here’s the link, featuring, among others, celebrity blogger Kevin, M.D., as well as yours truly, batting clean-up.

Although the privacy concerns raised by the story are real, personally I thought the psychiatrist went a bit overboard when she said,

“If you are unhappy with the people that you’re supposed to be serving and taking care of, you probably need therapy,” she says. “You don’t need to be venting your frustrations in a public manner like that. That’s very inappropriate and unprofessional.”

Re-read my last post on resuscitating 90-year-olds with metastatic cancer and dementia. Do I need a head shrinker?

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  1. chris johnson on March 17, 2008 at 9:54 pm

    I disagree with her. One of the complaints for years about physicians is that we present to the public a monlithic edifice that nonphysicians can’t penetrate. It makes the public think we have something to hide. It’s healthy, I think, and good for the healthcare debate to let folks walk in our shoes now and then. My own small bit of the medical blogosphere is sort of high-road compared to most, but many readers have told me how much they appreciate it (even if they don’t leave comments!). And it’s therapy for me that doesn’t even require the skills of a certified mental health care provider such as the NPR commentator.

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