The Crystal Ball

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Rob Bessler writes…

Currently consult codes go away. This will lead to hospitalists having to use the admission codes selectively combined with using more follow up codes for times when they assume care of patients.

Admission codes rvu’s and hence payment are less than the high level consult codes which mean less revenue. Some practices use the prolonged service codes to obtain additional revenue for services performed. Some payers pay for this and most don’t. Currently there is a 21% cut that goes into effect January one. All experts seem to think a patch will get passed to prevent this. Some say primary care codes will go up in reimbursement 6%. Currently the E and M codes hospitalist use are not in the selected codes to go up in reimbursement. Some think the House-like version of the bill might pass that will have Medicaid pay at medicare rates.

For many practices it is budget season.

Does anybody have the real crystal ball?

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