The Shameless Commerce Division

Sorry, but today is the day for a tiny bit of Shameless Commerce – a quick plug for my new book, Understanding Patient Safety. I wouldn’t normally do this – I’m as brazenly promotional as anybody, mind you, but it does seem a bit cheesy – but then I saw Robert Reich promote his new book on his blog. I really like Robert Reich, Clinton I’s Labor Secretary and now a prof at Berkeley. His blog even included a very funny, completely tasteless homemade video promo. So I decided that if Reich can do it, so can I.

I’ll spare you the video.

Understanding Patient Safety is part of the McGraw-Hill/Lange series of books – primers on key clinical and non-clinical healthcare topics. I wrote the book that I would have wanted if I was a practicing physician, a resident, a nurse, a healthcare executive, a risk or quality manager, a medical or nursing student, or a pharmacist interested in learning about patient safety. I tried to make it lively, case-based, and more useful than comprehensive. It is a pretty easy read, and it is chock full of current references, tables, graphics, tools, etc. The feedback so far has been terrific, but we’ll have to see what people who aren’t my parents think.

It is selling big in Boca, though.

[Speaking of Boca, when Internal Bleeding came out, I got a call from my dad. “Your book is huge down here! Everybody wants it.” Great, I thought. I’ll call the publisher to tell him to watch for a spike in sales in the South Florida bookstores. But not so fast. “There’s a 3 month wait for it at the library!” he continued breathlessly. This, from one of the wealthiest locales on earth. It was like a Seinfeld episode.]

In any case, you can pick up Understanding Patient Safety at your local bookstore, or from the usual on-line purveyors. Hope you like it. If so, tell your friends. If not, don’t tell my parents.

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