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Here are a few of my books: Understanding Patient Safety (McGraw-Hill’s Lange Series, 2008): A lively, up-to-date primer on patient safety, full of case vignettes, tools, and other key resources. Internal Bleeding: The Truth Behind America’s Terrifying Epidemic of Medical Mistakes (“Updated Version”, Rugged Land, 2005): A bestselling book that uses dramatic cases of medical […]
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P4P (pay for performance) is all the rage in healthcare. And why not? In the face of the damning evidence that we “get it right” only about half the time, criticizing linking higher payments to better care seems frankly un-American. And there is accumulating evidence that P4P may work. A study earlier this year by […]
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It’s not like you don’t have enough to read, or that I don’t have enough to do. So, why do I blog? And why should you read? We are in the early days of a revolution in healthcare. The hospitalist field has grown from an idea – given breath by a handful of hardy pioneers […]
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Here are a few of the healthcare links I enjoy reading: ABIM Foundation Medical Professionalism Blog An Insider’s View on Health CareClinical Cases and Images BlogComarow on QualityDB’s Medical RantsEGMN Notes from the RoadGeriPalHappy HospitalistHealth Affairs BlogHealth Beat BlogHealth Care BlogHealthcare IT GuyHealth Care RenewalHealth Care Organizational EthicsKevin, MDNeil Versel’s Healthcare IT BlogNotes from Dr. […]