By  | February 16, 2008 |  5
I must admit, I didn’t hold out high hopes that a ragtag band of committed clinicians and other quality improvers could change federal policy. But we’ve done just that. If the Feds are capable of rectifying this mistake, who knows what might be next! For those unfamiliar with the Hopkins-Michigan-OHRP checklist story, it is described […]
By  | February 15, 2008 |  1
Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write, blog, and rant about the OHRP’s horrific decision to shut down the Hopkins-Michigan ICU checklist study, a decision that threatens the future of quality improvement and safety efforts in American healthcare. Today, the major hospital-based societies – representing over 100,000 clinicians and leaders […]
By  | February 11, 2008 |  4
In this month’s issue of the Joint Commission Journal of Quality and Patient Safety, I (with UCSF’s Adams Dudley and the American Hospital Association’s Nancy Foster) tackle this provocative question. The answer may surprise you: yes (probably). The devil will be in the details. I hope you’ll have a chance to read the full article […]
By  | February 3, 2008 |  5
All medical mistakes are problematic. A few are truly tragic. But every now and then, a medical error comes along that is downright hilarious. From AHRQ WebM&M, the case-based Web journal I edit for the federal government, here are two of the latter kind. They are a hoot. We published the first about three years […]