By  | September 29, 2008 |  7
Last week’s New York Times front-page piece on colored wristbands highlighted an issue I’ve been fretting about for years. We can achieve consensus on a $700B bailout in 3 days (well, perhaps not), but can’t agree on what color a DNR wristband should be? Wow. My interest in this subject began with a remarkable case […]
By  | September 23, 2008 |  12
Today came the announcement that Suzanne Delbanco, founding director of the Leapfrog Group, has assumed the presidency of a company that tracks compliance with safety and quality practices via remote video. Big Brother, meet the Joint Commission. The report, in today’s Modern Healthcare, describes the process this way: Video auditing refers to a system in […]
By  | September 11, 2008 |  10
The explosive growth of Facebook and MySpace illustrates the market for electronic tools to enhance communication and collaboration. Could there possibly be another workplace more in need of social networking tools than the modern hospital? If you are not familiar with Facebook, find yourself a teenager and take a look over his shoulder while he […]
By  | September 3, 2008 |  0
My Olympics addiction has been replaced by “All Conventions, All The Time.” If you’re a politics junkie like me, you’ll love the latest hilarious campaign satire from the folks at JibJab, the ones who brought you the groundbreaking “This Land” knee-slapper in 2004. Check out the face on the guy who gets goosed by the […]