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My hospital, UCSF Medical Center, is thriving. Our profits this year will be nearly $200 million. We’re building a sparkling clinical complex – a combined women’s, children’s, and cancer hospital – adjacent to our new downtown biomedical research campus. We are installing a state-of-the-art computer system. US News & World Report calls us the 7th […]
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Like a UN cargo plane dropping a crate of rice into a Sudanese refugee camp, so goes the conundrum of the ARRA payment for EHR meaningful use. The rush to grab the dough will result in some casualties.
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In this report from the CDC, the results of a multi-state stroke registry were reported for 10 performance measures of stroke care (such as IV tpa use and smoking cessation counseling). The results over the course of years are substantial and sustained. This is another example that QI consortiums are a very effective way to […]
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In this single site study, med rec lists obtained by triage nurses was routinely inaccurate; although they were completed 92% of the time, 37% contained discrepancies, 38% were on nonprescription medications that were not listed, and 28% were on additional medications that were not listed. Accurate medication reconciliation is a time consuming process, that often […]
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In this single center case-control study of the detrimental effects of contaminated blood cultures, researchers found that patients with a false positive blood culture had a significantly longer length of stay (by 5 day) and higher hospital cost (almost $5,000) than those with a true negative blood culture. They estimated the cost of these false […]
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Ahh, the Productivity Matrix awaits… I ran through the first part of the questionnaire in the last post.  Let’s continue on through the Productivity Matrix of the MGMA spreadsheet.  Admittedly, this is the part that requires the most prep work and number crunching.  But hopefully, you already have the compensation, encounter, and wRVU data requested […]