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Earlier this month, the National Quality Forum released its revised list of “Serious Reportable Events in Healthcare, 2011,” with four new events added to the list. While the NQF no longer refers to this list as “Never Events,” it doesn’t really matter, since everyone else does. And this shorthand has helped make this list, which […]
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In this single institution pre-post study, the implementation of an institutional evidence based guideline for patients with cellulitis / abscess significantly reduced the number of days of antibiotic use (13 days to 10 day), use of broad spectrum gram negative antibiotics (66% to 36% of patients) and use of ID consultants (46% to 30%), with […]
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Today is a grab bag of newsworthy citations:
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In this before-after single center retrospective analysis, 24/7 attending staffing in a 24-bed medical ICU was associated with a reduced LOS (3 vs 2.6 days). Those in the highest APACHE scores admitted at night had a 61% lower cost (after the intervention compared to before the intervention). 24/7 ICU staffing may reduce cost and LOS […]
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In this population based cohort of patients who underwent PCI over the course of 14 years, 40% participated in at least 1 session of cardiac rehab. After propensity score matching, compared to those that did not participate in rehab, those that did had a 47% lower rate of all cause mortality. PCI patients appear to significantly […]
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This was a several year, single site, multi-faceted QI intervention, consisting of education, audit/feedback, and a dedicated foley nurse. Although the overall prevalence of foley use did not decrease that dramatically (from about 15% to about 12%), the rate of unnecessary foley use dropped significantly (from about 22% to about 1%). As with most QI interventions, […]