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The scary things we do could teach us a thing or two. It’s been a tough week… month… quarter.  Well, it hasn’t been easy lately.  I’ve seen people and families shaken to their core, but that’s common at work. No big deal.  I can handle it… until I find myself shaken, scared, broken, crying, and […]
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Some of you might have caught this ad campaign recently launched by the AMA:
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Xigris has been voluntarily removed from the market, as a randomized controlled trial failed to show a mortality benefit in those with sepsis/shock (FDA site)
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In this large population-based cohort of >30,000 patients who underwent non-cardiac surgery, CHF and atrial fibrillation conferred twice the odds of 30 day mortality compared to CAD. CAD currently confers great emphasis in pre-operative screening and evaluation, whereas atrial fibrillation and CHF should warrant closer pre and peri-operative evaluations (abstract)
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According to the CDC, ICU CLA-BSI rates declined 58% from 2001 to 2009. This is a substantial improvement in a very short period of time. However, the rate of decline has been less impressive in non-ICU wards and outpatient hemodialysis centers so there is certainly plenty more improvements to be made (abstract)
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In this retrospective analysis of a national standardized approach to warfarin treatment in Sweden, with care coordination and online standardized dosing algorithms, the mean time within therapeutic range was 76% for all patients, which is much higher than current standard practice, or most clinical trials. It is encouraging that widespread standardization of warfarin dosing/treatment can […]