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Kevin Pho, better known as KevinMD, is the nation’s leading physician-social media guru. He and his colleague Susan Gay were nice enough to invite me to write the foreword to their book, “Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices,” which was published today. I think it’s […]
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In this large survey of hospitalists, 40% reported that their patient volume exceeded safe levels at least once a month, the that high volume often affected their ability to fully discuss treatment options, delayed admits or discharges, affected their ability to safely cross cover patients, or affected their ability to adequately hand off patients. Many […]
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The full schedule can be accessed here (link)
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My last post alluded to the JAMA theme issue on readmissions.  I planned on writing a synopsis, but having read a related post from a friend—one I cannot improve upon—I will defer to his.  However, a few housekeeping chores before the guest summary below.
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A middle-aged man develops chest pain at home. Minutes after calling 911, he’s in an ambulance, whizzing through traffic to the nearest emergency room. The paramedics radio ahead, and by the time the patient arrives in the ER, the hospital’s heart attack team has been activated. A stat electrocardiogram shows an ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), […]
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In this trial of trach patients weaning from the ventilator, they were randomized to weaning via pressure support, or by unassisted breathing through the trach. Those randomized to unassisted breathing weaned much earlier than the pressure support group (15 versus 19 days) with no difference in mortality between the groups (abstract).