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    I just finished a remarkably good book.  After concluding, a passage continued to replay in my head.  I went back to find the page, and reread it a second, and then a third time.  Not my habit, I knew the knowledge contained within needed passing on. The wisdom emanates from a 1968 conversation […]
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A few weeks ago, a middle-aged man decided to tweet about his mother’s illness from her bedside. The tweets went viral and became the subject of a national conversation. The man, of course, was NPR anchorman Scott Simon, and his reflections about his mother’s illness and ultimate death are poignant, insightful, and well worth your […]
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A great commentary out today in JAMA Internal Medicine.  The topic?  Mucking with established ambulatory medication regimens during hospital stays. I find the sins the authors allude to–confusing patients, wasting money, and chasing artificial outcomes, have the least traction with younger hospitalists, trainees, and those without much ambulatory experience.  The temptation to treat the chart […]