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This large analysis compared coded data and data from prevalence surveys; it found coded data overall significantly underreported the rate of hospital acquired pressure ulcers, compared to prevalence surveys, but the data was so variable that some hospitals performed better on prevalence surveys and some performed better on coded data. This study questions the validity […]
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About eight years ago I was desperate to improve my golf game. I just couldn’t straighten out my drives or hit my irons crisply. (Yes, I’m fully aware that this is a First World problem). I decided to try golf camp in Palm Springs for a few days. My sensei, a crusty ex-touring pro named […]
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Regulation always seems like a good idea when the other person has to comply. I know a lot about healthcare, but no so much about energy, education, or food service. Despite my knowledge gap, if a rule goes into effect requiring an individual or company to reduce carbon emissions, add classroom time, or post calorie […]
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In 2008, I gave the keynote address at the first “Diagnostic Errors in Medicine” conference, sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The meeting was filled with people from a wide variety of disciplines, including clinical medicine, education, risk management, cognitive science, and informatics, all passionate about making diagnosis safer. The atmosphere […]