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Moody’s Investors Service predicts the financial outlook for US not-for-profit hospitals will be no better in 2014 (and which has been negative since 2008). They expect hospitals will continue to see tight margins, as revenue will not keep up with expenses. Contributing factors to this revenue deficit include lower Medicare reimbursements, reductions in disproportionate share […]
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My name is Burke Kealey and I am a hospitalist.  I am honored to be blogging for the Society and to have the opportunity to have a conversation with you about the healthcare system and how we work with and serve our patients.  Now a story: My patient “Sue” came in for a liver biopsy.  […]
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You could say that being a doctor was in my blood.  My father is a small town family physician in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.  I watched him take care of patients and families from before birth to after death.  He did inpatient and outpatient care, seeing patients in clinic, admitting them to the hospital, and following […]
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Periodically, I love to tell a story of an encounter with an international medical graduate I worked with years ago.  While toiling as a ward attending at our county hospital at the start of another academic year, I had paired up with a newly arrived intern from Egypt.  A jovial guy who had years of […]