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In retrospect – always in retrospect – it should have been obvious that, when it came to Dr. Charles Denham, something was not quite right. In a remarkable number of cases of medical errors, it’s clear – again, in retrospect – that there were signs that something was amiss, but they were ignored. The reasons […]
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“One more question:  do you want us to do everything, or do you just want palliative care.”  The first syllable of the word “palliative” emphasized, drawn out, left hanging.  This is one version of the five-second, halfhearted code status discussion for seriously ill patients being admitted to the hospital with either a new disease or […]
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by Dr. William “Tex” Landis, FHM It’s Super Bowl time and that means it’s time to complete the State of Hospital Medicine Survey, the biennial survey of hospitalist practices.  Discussions abound about who is the best football quarter back.  Is it Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, or somebody else?  What are the stats?  What […]
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I recently visited the Montefiore hospitalist program under the direction of Dr. Will Southern and met a great group of junior hospitalists in academia who are beginning to build their academic careers in medical education.  Later that afternoon, I joined SHM’s Physicians in Training Committee for a lively discussion on early career hospitalists.  While hospitalists […]
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I’m not sure if they were inspired by all of the commercials encouraging families to “talk about healthcare coverage” during holiday get-togethers, but clearly my family and friends were interested to find out what I thought about the Obamacare rollout and about the Affordable Care Act in general.  This is not surprising as there has […]
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“Curiouser and curiouser.” Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, 1st printing 1864 It’s time to think about Vegas. A line spoken by many a bachelor, gambler, Rat Pack aficionado, or Cirque du Soleil fan. And now it is what you, our favorite SHM member, are thinking about. The glitz and glam of Las Vegas await and […]