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Yesterday I highlighted and identified that the daily chaos that has come to characterize hospital medicine needs to be changed. The problem, in a nutshell, as a specialty colleague remarked to me one morning, “I don’t know how on earth you can do this. You are getting called and paged from all directions at the […]
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Several years into my career in hospital medicine, I have to say that I still enjoy my job as much as ever and have absolutely no regrets in choosing this profession. I firmly believe that at its best, being a hospital doctor is one of the most rewarding jobs anyone could ever hope to have. […]
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Someone recently stopped you and said, “I can’t believe you are not watching [Breaking Bad, Mad Men, OITNB, Downton Abbey, House of Cards].” You made some reference about the lead character, but know you don’t have the time to watch one episode, let alone 4 seasons on Netflix to catch up.  I did indulge in […]
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  Some of you might know CMS released our Part B productivity data earlier in 2014.  We have discussed on the policy side of SHM how we might use the data to learn about our field.  Unlike other specialties, we do not have a unique billing identifier.  Without the information, we cannot easily interrogate the […]
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Be on the lookout for Apple Health, a new app that will share multiple inputs of patient information in a cloud platform called “HealthKit.” This HealthKit will allow a user to view a personalized dashboard of health and fitness metrics, which conglomerates information from a myriad of different health and wellness apps, and helps them […]
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Guest post for The Hospital Leader by David J. Bailey, MD, MBA, President and CEO, Nemours Children’s Health System. Hospitals, health systems and providers across the country are caught in a parallel universe. We currently operate in a volume-based payment system while experimenting with new strategies to successfully provide high-quality services in the value-based systems that […]