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by Dr. Erin Stucky Fisher, MD, MHM I am a career pediatric hospitalist. Not one of my days is the same because as a hospitalist I have the opportunity to serve in numerous capacities within my hospital medicine group, my hospital and the fields of pediatrics and hospital medicine. I am one of the senior […]
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With the increased focus on patient satisfaction and improving the healthcare experience, how we communicate with our patients is becoming more important than ever. And it’s long overdue. From our patients’ perspectives, being sick is bad enough without feeling disrespected or having an inappropriate message communicated by those who are supposed to be caring for […]
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Writing about The Knick for my last post had me thinking about other entertaining medical TV shows. Every new TV season brings a fresh crop of small screen physicians. Recently, a rash of doc shows have come and gone like transitory viral infections. In the past year, Do No Harm left after two episodes, Black Box eliminated after one […]
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  Zeke Emanuel, well known oncologist, policy wonk, and eldest brother of Rahm (Mayor of Chicago) and Ari (Hollywood powerbroker), always has a way of garnering attention. Published in the latest The Atlantic, Zeke pens a very provocative piece on when he plans on calling it a day.  In his case, age 75.  
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By Dr. Ken Simone DO, SFHM Do you have a special interest within hospital medicine? SHM has a group for you! As hospitalists we have a lot particular interests within our specialty. There are some of us who love academia; others of us love treating children and there are particular nuances of practice associated with […]
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Many are well aware that Medicare has been publicly reporting the “Hospital Acquired Condition” or “HAC” list since 2008. These are conditions that should (ideally) never happen, or at least happen at a very low frequency. The HAC list has been controversial for a number of reasons: There is no risk adjustment Some HACs occur […]