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  I opened the most recent copy of NEJM with anticipation.  At last, a review on severe alcohol withdrawal.  Perhaps a solution to the age old conflict between psychiatry (start benzo on Monday, decrease by 20-25% daily and discharge on Thursday or Friday) versus medicine (start benzo on Monday, and if they look like a rose on […]
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Some days it seems like it would be easier to start from scratch. Maybe build your own hospital. That’s what Ernest Codman decided to do. Codman was born in Boston, graduating from Harvard Medical School in 1891. This was before the Flexner report fundamentally changed medical education in the US, and around the time medicine […]
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by Dr. Bartho Caponi MD, FHM The Ebola panic has died down; while many are under monitoring, there have been no further de novo U.S. cases since October 15, and only two more “imported” cases. Travelers are being screened and resources are heading to areas where they are needed. At my institution, Hospitalists have led […]
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  The Health Care Cost Institute is not just another consulting firm or think tank.  They are a a non-partisan, non-profit clearinghouse for all things health care payment.  They obtain commercial and government data and generate reports on health spending direction. Their 2014 release analyzing 2013 commercial trends (think age 18-64 yo)  came out last week. The […]
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There are certain universal laws that appear to govern the broader workings of the world around us. For those of you unfamiliar with Pareto’s Principle, it’s a concept that was first applied in economics and then found to be a governing rule in a whole host of different arenas. It’s no understatement to say that […]
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    Working as a hospitalist since our society’s founding, I have reaped insights and a dose of confidence those starting in our specialty lack.  I am not speaking just of clinical understanding. Hospital-based practitioners collaborate with colleagues from many specialties, and like us, each has its own identity. Surgery sees the world through their lens, […]