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Before going to sleep read for half an hour, and in the morning have a book open on your dressing table. -Osler What is on your nightstand? I’m not asking about the NEJM issue from 2013 that you still haven’t gotten to; or the gadgets glowing or dinging through the night; or the accumulating used […]
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During my eight-year tenure as Associate Program Director for our Internal Medicine Residency, I read countless letters of recommendation for aspiring residents, and many were signed by familiar hospitalist friends from all over the country.  If you think about how many students and residents come into contact with hospitalists, making sure hospitalists are great teachers […]
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With the endless appearance of medical malpractice solutions in the press, any reader would think we have the answers to the logjam — but no will to implement them.  If you follow the topic, you know every proposal has flaws and limited applications as they relate to individual states or delivery systems. The worst offender seems to be […]
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Hospitals are under increasing pressure to improve clinical quality and adhere to an array of ever-changing measurement and reporting requirements. Many organizations are turning to hospitalists to steer those efforts. Dr. Vercin Ephrem (VE), chief of hospital medicine at LRGHealthcare, in Laconia, NH, spoke with Maureen McKinney (MM), a healthcare journalist and editorial programs manager […]
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Ever since we are children, our parents and society teach us how to play together with others. What we don’t realize is that this lays the groundwork for developing important teamwork skills — the same skills that enable success and positive outcomes in the workplace. My own experiences in hospital medicine practice throughout the last […]
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by Dr. Efren Manjarrez, MD, SFHM As course director, I want to tell everybody why Hospital Medicine 2015, SHM’s annual meeting, is going to be the best hospitalist meeting to date. Throughout the year, I have been asked what will be different this particular year. Well, A LOT! First, the committee looked at the pre-courses […]