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by John B. Bulger, DO, MBA It began in the spring of 2012. A small sub-group of the Society of Hospital Medicine’s (SHM) Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Committee (HQPS) was given the task of coming up with five test and treatments that hospitalists overuse. The pediatric hospitalist community was already hard at work (and […]
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by Jerome Siy, MD, SFHM, CHIE It would be easy to deliver on the triple aim if all hospitalists had to do was run a checklist.  But, it’s pretty obvious that we need more than a checklist to be successful.  How many of us are graduated in the top 10% of our class, but can’t […]
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by Dr. Amit Singh “Good morning Mr. Johnson*!” our chief resident bellowed as we all crowded around the bedside, a sea of endless short and long white coats. “I want to let you know we took a look at the X-ray this morning and it looks good. The angle looks sharp, no effusion!” We looked […]
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Friday March 20th was the 2015 Match Day. A big moment for every doctor that in many ways determines not only our specialty and where we will practice, but in some ways sets our destiny with who we will marry and who our lifelong friends will be. I still remember my Match Day 42 years […]
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This week feels like the coming out for my new book, The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age. The NY Times ran my op-ed on health IT today (they chose the slightly sensationalist title, FYI). I’ve also started something of a book tour, with several talks and media […]
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As our specialty of hospital medicine continues its exponential expansion, so does the number of established programs to choose from. Without exaggeration, the job market in most areas of the country is pretty hot right now—and all of us know this from the avalanche of offers and job advertisements out there. Speaking as someone who […]