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In my last post I suggested that in order for hospital medicine to be both financially and professionally sustainable, we need to figure out how hospitalists can see more patients each day while at the same time be more satisfied with their work. One possible approach to achieving this aim is to support physician hospitalists […]
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Expansive coverage of Journal of Hospital Medicine research, advance care planning, hospitalist spotlights, the transition to ICD-10 coding and disparities in Medicare readmission penalties received attention across local and national news outlets in this edition of media highlights. An article in the Journal of Hospital Medicine about a quick tool to diagnose delirium at the bedside […]
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By: Monica Shah As I wrap up my research as an SHM student hospitalist scholar, I look back and think of all that I’ve learned. I am starting my second year of medical school with a whole new perspective on how hospital conditions affect patient outcomes. I know that, as a medical student and future […]
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  Some in our profession have begun to think hard about our future pay and incentives, especially given the vagueness of the recently passed MACRA legislation. MACRA replaced the SGR and put in place a model of compensation that in theory balances both physician accountability and just rewards for hard work.  The two MACRA tracks, […]
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Few media flaps have left me as disappointed in us as a country as the vortex we allowed ourselves to be swept into around the “death panel” debate in 2009.   Initially I watched in stunned disbelief, later in anger and frustration as a logical and patient-centered proposal was slandered to the point that it was […]
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By Greg Seymann, MD, SFHM As performance-based reimbursement strategies take center stage in healthcare payment system reform, the landscape for hospitalists remains stagnant, as we still lack a critical mass of relevant performance measures. Under the Physician Value Based Purchasing (VBP) program, all hospitalist groups of ten or more eligible providers are subject to a […]