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by Ryan Gamlin US Health care is in desperate need of leadership from within. And while there is certainly a notable and growing group of physician leaders (think of the Donald Berwicks, Eric Topols, and Bob Watchers of the world), doctors leading systemic change beyond the realm of clinical medicine is a relatively recent phenomenon. […]
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First, thank you to everyone who joined us on October 12th for our first Journal of Hospital Medicine (@JHospMedicine) Twitter chat, known in the Twitterverse as #JHMChat. I was joined on Twitter by Chris Moriates (@chrismoriates) author of a recently published Choosing Wisely: Things We Do for No Reason paper entitled, “Nebulized bronchodilators instead of […]
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Noteworthy topics affecting hospital medicine – end-of-life care, antibiotic stewardship and patient experience – as well as recent SHM organizational and member successes are included in this edition of media highlights. End-of-life care, an important focus area for hospital medicine and SHM’s Center for Hospital Innovation and Improvement, appeared in Vox and KevinMD. In both […]
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Fall means football. Even in Florida where it’s still 90 degrees, we can pretend autumn has arrived, with football on the lawn as a rite of passage. Recently, I was in the front yard playing with my 2 daughters, 7 and 9 years old. We decided to play some 2 on 2, with myself as automatic […]
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As hospitalists, we talk a lot about improving quality and patient experience. These are two things that are considered points of emphasis for us. Maybe even points of pride when we point out successes. Unfortunately, sometimes we are just not at our best. Sometimes we are not as connected with our patients as we should […]
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  (I sent the following to the residents in my program) Extinction perhaps? Read below and then consider: