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  We all walk into the supermarket and see an abundance of goods. Every item has a place under alluring lighting and come-hither ads. The displays move you and your wagon, despite your beliefs, through the aisles in a deliberate way. The Walmart Supercenter manager wishes to steer your senses so as to induce the transfer of […]
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Tonight I happened to catch a few minutes of the Wizard of Oz- a great classic and our daughter was in delight watching the munchkins dance and sing for Dorothy. It also reminded me of the importance of a great team—Dorothy needed the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion to get to her […]
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Antibiotic stewardship – including SHM’s “Fight the Resistance” campaign – post-acute medicine, patient compensation and patient experience appeared in the last two weeks of hospital medicine media coverage in medical and regional outlets. SHM’s “Fight the Resistance” campaign received mentions in both Infection Control Today and Associations Now.The first story highlighted the partner organizations collaborating […]
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by Joshua Allen-Dicker, MD, MPH BEST COMP PACKAGE IN THE REGION! Sign On Bonus and Relocation! NO procedures, NO night call, NO ICU! Only 15 minutes north of the City! Each day, my inbox brings me promises of a new life. One with an amazing salary, close to a metropolitan area, and in a town […]
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I was talking with a colleague in another section today and she was noting the difference between our hospitalist group and her section.  She has somewhat intimate knowledge of our section because she did a year with us before moving on to her specialty fellowship.  She is a bit frustrated with her new home and […]
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by Arjun Srinivasan, MD I’ve had the privilege to work with many hospitalists over the past few years and I know that the problems caused by antibiotic overuse are ones that hit home for all of you. My guess is that you are rounding every day on patients who have infections caused by resistant bacteria […]