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I am reading a continuous barrage of stories on physician burnout.  Over and over and over.  I also see the same causes on which to attribute this burnout.  Over and over and over:  –Workflow dysfunction.  –HIT gone bad.  –Regulatory headaches.   Seems like the scales have tipped and yesteryears favorable practice-happiness equilibrium now goes a […]
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The clock struck noon, and my patient was still in her room. My team sighed and my case manager rolled her eyes. Even if we had provided flawless clinical care throughout her hospital stay, she was now going to “count against us” in our quest to achieve our Discharge By Noon (DBN) goals – a […]
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Oftentimes that can be how hospitalists feel as they “battle” to provide high-value care (better care at lower cost) for their patients. But it does not need to be this way; there is a whole world all around us – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and social workers – that can help combat the problems of overuse, […]
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Media Monitoring Report: February 4 – February 18, 2016 Hospital medicine’s growth, Journal of Hospital Medicine research, healthcare legislation, an SHM member success and the impact of big data on medicine are included in this edition of SHM Media Highlights. An article in The Pensacola News Journal featured the pediatric hospitalist team at Sacred Heart […]
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Don’t know about you, but I have found SHM’s Key Principles and Characteristics of an Effective Hospital Medicine Group to be a very useful framework for thinking about what it takes for a hospitalist group to be successful. The Key Characteristics seem to have resonated with hospitalists and hospitalist group leaders across the country. They […]
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By Rumman Langah, MD, FACP, FHM Being trained and board-certified in nuclear medicine and nuclear cardiology, non-invasive imaging and cardiac stress testing has been an area of profound interest to me. As practicing hospitalists, we usually get called from our colleagues in emergency department to admit patients presenting with chest pain (possible angina or angina […]