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  Love or hate readmission rates as an effective measure of institutional performance, the benchmark has become the coin of the realm for QI gurus, policy geeks, and stat crunchers.  As such, we see new journal releases every week–mostly data dives into large registries where the conclusions proffered are tentative at best.  Clinicians rarely get […]
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  As is custom nowadays, if you read a profile about any prominent public servant, you finish the article and feel a tad icky. Sometimes, however, the stars line up, and a story renews our faith in who is doing ours, the people’s business in DC. In this case, it’s one of our own. Most […]
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I passed! Let me tell you I was nervous. Perhaps it isn’t the smartest thing in the world to announce publically on your blog  that you are up for recertification and preparing to sit for the secure examination. It was only after I did this that it occurred to me that it could be rather […]
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With great successes in hosting our first couple of Twitter chats over the last six months, we’re excited to bring you the third in our quarterly series, #JHMChat, where you ask Journal of Hospital Medicine (JHM) authors about their research and corresponding clinical implications for managing inpatient care. We invite you to join us for […]
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by Dr. Atashi Mandal MD He sat on the gurney, with averted eyes and contorted posture, as to avoid my encroaching examination. The usual jargon populated my assessment: psychomotor retardation, flat affect, poor vocalization… I glanced at his intake form and noted that he had been admitted to the emergency treatment unit for suicidal ideation, […]
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Media Monitoring Report: March 3 – 17, 2016 Thanks to the tireless efforts of HM16 Course Director Dr. Melissa Mattison, the Annual Meeting Committee, volunteer speakers and SHM staff, Hospital Medicine 2016 featured the most robust course schedule to date and welcomed the largest number of attendees ever to attend an SHM meeting. This went […]