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Many observers of our specialty tend to think of hospitalists as itinerant shift workers, many of whom have little emotional commitment to the organization that employs them and will quickly decide to leave for another job where the grass is greener.  Even my colleague John Nelson often describes hospitalists as preferring to “date” rather than […]
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As hospitals across the country increasingly focus on patient experience, one health system, as we’ve written about before here on The Hospital Leader, is really putting their money where their mouth is: they are offering patients direct refunds, no questions asked. An article in The Washington Post calls these refunds, “the most unexpected hospital billing […]
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This issue of SHM & Hospital Medicine in the News features: The potential for CMS to require hospitals to adhere to a formal antibiotic stewardship program in order to receive reimbursement from Medicare The impetus behind and implications of the significant growth of the physician assistant profession over the last five years SHM member Dr. […]
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  Not long back, I departed a pharma-sponsored research project.  I based my decision to leave in something I occasioned over a decade ago.  I thought it was time to share the episode and the lessons learned given the attention being paid to physician conflict of interest nowadays (as well as the annual Open Payments […]
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by Dr. Moises Auron MD, FAAP, FACP It is certain that since the seminal publication of the Institute of Medicine “To Err is Human,” physicians and society in general have pursued a legitimate effort to gain perspective and understand the incredibly complex system which is the healthcare system. The increased focus on the degree of […]
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Young and in pain, she came to us from another country for a repair of a fracture. It wasn’t repaired at home because of the complexity of the fracture. There was some question that it may be a pathologic fracture due to a cancer, but nothing definitive. There were two biopsies in-country. One that was […]