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Eleven years ago, I remember being a junior faculty member attending the first “Quality Fair” at the University of Chicago, and presenting my work among roughly 20 posters on how to measure quality for hospitalized older patients. While I am proud to say this poster actually won an award, I am also embarrassed to say […]
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SHM & Hospital Medicine in the News: May 12 – 26, 2016 This issue of SHM & Hospital Medicine in the News features: The first case of a superbug in the U.S. that is resistant to antibiotics of last resort Suggestions to reduce the number of medical error-related deaths in hospitals, including work performed by […]
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By Dr. Allison Schneider My first day on the Palliative Care service ended with me in a heap on my couch sobbing into my husband’s shoulder. That day I attended family meetings for two patients in their 40s dying of cancer and leaving young kids behind. I also sat at the bedside with the mother […]
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(Something I sent along to my PGYs.  Thought you might enjoy.  And think about where hospitalists fit into all of this) A Porsche or a Prius? Have a look at the two figures below and see if you can spot the dilemma: See it? I knew that you could. Here’s the thing.  We have lived […]
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Do we really need another commentary on the shortcomings of the 7-on/7-off work schedule?  My colleague John Nelson has written and spoken about this extensively, most recently in his January 2016 column in The Hospitalist.  And while I’ve been planning to write this post for a while, Bob Wachter got the jump on me by […]
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This issue of SHM & Hospital Medicine in the News features: Details of the revamped maintenance of certification assessment program from the ABIM The opioid addiction epidemic, including the possibility of mandatory training for doctors who prescribe opioids and the epidemic’s effect on hospitalizations and hospital costs The rise of medical errors to the third […]