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By: John David (JD) Ike As a medical student, much of my time and energy is spent studying the sciences. For the better part of my day, I pour through online resources, question banks and medical journals to learn the facts necessary to succeed on the wards and on the boards. Little to no time […]
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As a resident, I still remember the day I was so excited that I could prescribe narcotics on my own. I had taken my USMLE part 3 and paid for my DEA number so that I could moonlight at a local community hospital. As an added bonus, I was no longer reliant on an attending […]
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SHM & Hospital Medicine in the News: August 4 – 18, 2016 Check out the latest hospital medicine and SHM-related stories in mainstream and healthcare-centric news. For the full stories, click on the links below: As SHM celebrates the 20th anniversary of hospital medicine, multiple news outlets picked up the recent release of the special […]
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What’s a hospitalist leader to do when everything seems to be conspiring against your efforts to ensure a stable, successful hospital medicine practice? I talked recently with a hospitalist leader who is dealing with just such a scenario right now. When I visited his hospitalist practice at a small private health system of around 300 […]
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I recently read the following written by Daniel Ofri, MD in the NYT: The stereotype of specialists handling the more complex and intellectually challenging cases makes many generalists fume. Generalists observe that specialists get the “simplicity” of handling very narrow slivers of medicine. It’s much easier to be an expert when you only have a […]
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It has been twenty years since Wachter and Goldman published their first descriptive paper on the rise of the hospitalist.  To commemorate the occasion, they revisit the subject with a new commentary and highlight where the movement is at and portend the future of the discipline: When we described the hospitalist concept 20 years ago, […]