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The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) is a professional medical society representing more than 16,000 of the 61,000 practicing hospitalists dedicated to providing exceptional care to hospitalized patients. In addition to practicing hospitalists, SHM also welcomes medical students, residents, practice administrators and more.


SHM promotes exceptional care for hospitalized patients.
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How Did SHM Come to Be?

In 1996, Robert Wachter, MD, MHM coined the term “hospitalist” in the New England Journal of Medicine. Subsequently, the National Association of Inpatient Physicians (NAIP) was founded, followed by the commencement of NAIP’s first annual meeting in 1998. NAIP changed its name to the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) in 2003. SHM continues to be the only medical society devoted entirely to hospitalists and the hospital medicine movement.
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What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a healthcare provider (physician, NP/PA, etc.) who specializes in the practice of hospital medicine. Following medical school, hospitalists typically undergo residency training in general internal medicine, general pediatrics, or family practice, but may also receive training in other medical disciplines.
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What is Hospital Medicine?

A medical specialty dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive medical care to hospitalized patients.
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Meet the Board and Staff:

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